USM Class of 2024 post in their college t-shirts.

Class of 2024 Matriculation

The USM College Guidance office works tirelessly to help each student find his or her 'best fit' college. The Class of 2024 will matriculate to some of the finest colleges and universities in the world. 

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The 2023 USM girls tennis team celebrates winning the WIAA division 2 team tennis state championship.

Tennis Team Wins WIAA State Championship

Congratulations to the girls' tennis team for winning the WIAA Division 2 team tennis state championship.

Angela Wang smiles with her medal after winning the WIAA singles tennis state championship.

Angela Wang '26 Wins State Championship

Congratulations to Angela Wang '26 for winning the WIAA Division 2 individual tennis state championship. Read more about her championship.

Mia Darr and Isabel Werner smile after winning the WIAA doubles tennis state championship.

Isabel Werner '24 and Mia Darr '25 Win State Championship

Congratulations to Isabel Werner '24 and Mia Darr '25 for winning the WIAA Division 2 doubles tennis state championship. Read more about their championship.

The USM Class of 2021.

Portrait of a USM Graduate

USM develops learners, fosters leaders, and prepares citizens, culminating each year at Commencement.

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Welcome toUniversity School of Milwaukee


  Ages 3-5

Building bright futures in Preschool. Learn what makes USM the best choice for your young child.

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  Kindergarten-Grade 4

Inquisitive minds thrive in Lower School. Learn what makes USM the best choice for your kindergarten–4th grader.

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  Grades 5-8

A time for self-discovery in Middle School. Learn what makes USM the best choice for your 5th–8th grader.

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  Grades 9-12

The courage to create in Upper School. Learn what makes USM the best choice for your 9th–12th grader.

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Lower School students watch a robot they built.

Educational Technology

Educational Technology is an integral part of the teaching and learning process at USM. The school recognizes the need for developmentally appropriate technology while still keeping in mind the interactions between students and teachers remain a foundational component of education.

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A Lower School student smiles while holding a molecular model during his Tower Project presentation.

Tower Projects

Tower Projects are student-centered experiential learning programs that encourage students to pursue their interests and take their learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

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Preschool students explore the pond in their outdoor classroom.

Outdoor Education

Even in Wisconsin, students can learn and explore the outdoors year-round. Teachers utilize USM's 125 acre campus as an expansive outdoor classroom to further student curiosity and development.

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A Lower School student tries playing the tuba for the first time.

Fine Arts

At USM we don’t just teach the arts, we make artists. All our visual and performing arts teachers respond to students’ unique needs to foster growth and independence. The vast array of arts opportunities, media, and performances students experience throughout their time at USM is astounding.

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The Class of 2023 posing in their college t-shirts.

College Guidance

USM's College Guidance offer is dedicated to helping students prepare for and find the best college experience for them based on their interests, passions, and more.

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The girls lacrosse team celebrates winning the conference championship.


University School of Milwaukee's nationally recognized, education-based athletic program provides valuable lessons for student athletes such as teamwork, sportsmanship, work ethic, and leadership.

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Seniors sit with their kindergarten buddies on Opening Day.

Ethical Leadership

In the fabric—indeed in the very language that gives purpose to our school—University School of Milwaukee sets out to develop not just learners, but also leaders and citizens.

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The robotics team poses for a photo before a competition.


Founded in 2018, the University School of Milwaukee robotics program is a school-wide initiative that introduces students to robotics and STEAM fields through coursework and extracurricular opportunities.

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A student competes in a e-sports competition.


Already extremely popular, Esports—or competitive gaming—continues to grow and gain more national and international mainstream attention.

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An Upper School student colors a sign with his Preschool buddy.

Cross-divisional Learning

At USM, we believe that it's important for students of all ages to grow, interact, and learn from one another. Throughout the year, students have opportunities to meet cross-divisionally to learn, socialize, and share their school spirit in fun and exciting ways.

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A student smiles while receiving individual instruction from his teacher.

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center provides support for USM students experiencing learning challenges. The one-to-one approach leads to growth outcomes for students when they are experiencing challenges.

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Upper School students build a robot in the Lubar Center.


At USM, students are encouraged to explore, tinker, build, prototype, fail, adapt, dream, and innovate. This curiosity and sense of discovery is cultivated in our state-of-the-art makerspaces, where students are paired with the tools and technology they need to grow and push the boundaries of a 21st century education.

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A student write in Spanish on a white board while her classmates watch.

World Languages

Communication drives the World Languages program at University School of Milwaukee. In every division, classes are conducted in the target language, with speaking and meaning driving the curriculum.

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An Upper School student stands next to the food donation she organized.

Service Learning

We believe that service to others prepares individuals for a lifetime of success and purpose. Service is so important that it is part of our mission statement, and our school encourages all students and community members to find ways to be of service to others.

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Our CommunityVoices of USM

Thomas Wright '21


I’ve had the privilege of attending the University School of Milwaukee for 14 years. The faculty, staff, and students have provided a supportive environment where my personal and academic interests were encouraged and celebrated. USM has challenged me but more importantly, prepared me for the next chapter of my life. I leave USM grateful for countless memories and lifelong friendships.

Demetrius Patterson '92


USM gave me a big head start on college, which paved the way for my long career in corporate America. The rigorous curriculum at USM definitely made for an easier transition to college—the AP credits allowed me to practically enter as a sophomore. To this day, I attribute my ability to communicate well with a diverse range of people in part to my USM experience.

Caitlyn Miller '21


I transferred to USM my sophomore year from a local public school. After 10 years in the public school system, my parents and I both felt it was time to make a change to smaller class sizes, more individualized work, and a closer-knit community. One of my parents’ biggest regrets is not switching me to USM sooner, which I wholeheartedly agree with!

Tom Florsheim '76

Alumnus, Parent of Alumni

When I transferred to USM, my whole attitude toward academics changed. It was as if the light was suddenly turned on. I developed a love for learning that happens when you are exposed to faculty who are passionate about what they are teaching.

Eibar Robledo '20


USM has cultivated the person I am today. I am forever grateful for the support system provided during my time as a student. Maintaining these connections after Commencement, therefore, comes as an honor and privilege. I get to share life insights and accomplishments with current students and alumni as they figure out the next steps in their personal and professional endeavors.

Shaan Sharma '22


I first came to USM as a 3-year-old enrolled in prekindergarten, and I have essentially grown up in the USM community. In all of my classes, I have felt as though my teachers have thought of me as an individual rather than just another student. I am incredibly grateful that I have had the privilege and opportunity to attend USM throughout my life and how it has prepared me for my future.

Nicole Hobbs '98

Alumna and School Parent

When we toured, our kids nicknamed USM the "magical school" after being so impressed by the school, campus, and new cafeteria (which reminded them of Hogwarts). We moved back to Wisconsin just so our kids could attend the "magical school" and it has been every bit as magical as we hoped.  We are beyond thankful to USM for providing such a wonderful education for our children.

Portrait of a USM GraduateLearners, Leaders, Citizens


Developing learners who demonstrate superior academic skills and knowledge, pursue personal excellence, think independently and creatively, and thrive on challenge and celebrate success.


Fostering leaders who champion ethics and integrity, communicate effectively, build meaningful relationships, and create innovative solutions.


Preparing citizens who seek joy and balance in life, empathize with and respect others, engage in local and global communities, and embody the tenets of the Common Trust.




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