University School of Milwaukee’s beautiful 125-acre campus, located just on the northern edge of Milwaukee County, offers state-of-the-art classroom and cocurricular facilities that enhance our students’ educational experiences. A visit to USM highlights our outstanding facilities, including our Lubar Center for Innovation and Exploration, Upper School science center, three libraries, study halls, art rooms, music and theatre spaces, four gymnasiums, a fitness center, and so much more. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, our ongoing facility upgrades will ensure that USM is able to continue to offer enhanced learning environments and cocurricular activities for students of all ages while maintaining USM's reputation for providing the strongest possible foundation for achieving success in college and beyond.

An illustrated map of the USM campus.

University School of Milwaukee is located at 2100 W. Fairy Chasm Road, Milwaukee (River Hills).

All campus visitors must check in and out at either the West Visitor Entrance, located in the Lower School, or the East Visitor Entrance, located in the Upper School, when entering and exiting the school during regular school hours. Please bring a driver’s license or other government-issued identification the first time you check in.

The school's main phone number is 414.352.6000.

Campus Access and Parking
1 Fairy Chasm Road West Drive Entrance
2 Fairy Chasm Road East Drive Entrance
3 County Line Road North Drive Entrance
P1-P8 Parking Lots

Building Access
17 West Visitor Entrance*
22 West Deliveries
35 Quadracci Lobby Entrance
41 East Visitor Entrance*
43 Shipping and Receiving
45 Mellowes Hall Entrance
*Entrances for school-day visitors

Divisions and Administration
PS Preschool
LS Lower School
MS Middle School
US Upper School
AO Administrative Offices

Exterior Locations, Athletic Facilities, and Outbuildings

A Front Circle
B Preschool Playground
C Lower School Playground
D Marion and Verne Read Gymnasium
E Middle School Fields
F Cross Country Course Entry
G Polly and Henry Uihlein Ice Arena
H James Laing Tennis Center
I Alfred James Field
J Football/Lacrosse Practice Field
K Throws Area
L Charles James Field
M Don Forti Stadium/Ken Laird Field

N Middle School Gymnasium
O Upper School Gymnaisum
P Athletic Circle
Q Liz Krieg Field
R Grounds/Transportation Building
S New Athletic Field (coming soon)

Interior Conference Rooms and Community Spaces
The abbreviations in parentheses indicate which part of the school each area is located; check in at the West Visitor Entrance or East Visitor Entrance and follow the internal signage to your location, or, if you have an appointment or are meeting someone from a specific department, that individual may meet you at your check-in location.

Alumni Room (MS)
Board Room (AO)
Darrow Family Welcome Center (LS)
Ettinger Conference Room (US)
Hupy Conference Room (LS)
Kohl Collaboration Center (US)
Lee Community Room (LS)
Lubar Center for Innovation and Exploration (US)
Lyons Family Conference Room (US)
Mellowes Hall (US)
Olson Commons (US)
Parents’ Association Offices (LS)
Petzold Conference Room (LS)
School Store (MS)
Seesel Conference Room (MS)
Virginia Henes Young Theatre (US)
Werner Family Art Gallery (US)

Campus Woodland Restoration

Beginning in December 2019, USM began a woodland clearing and native species restoration project which will take three to five years to complete. The school has removed dead ash trees and invasive plant species like buckthrorn, honeysuckle, teasel, and thistle from approximately 45 acres of the campus, most visibly in the northeast section of campus along County Line Road and the North Drive.

Over the years, these invasive plants have taken over much of campus and inhibited the growth of native habitats. Once these invasive species are removed and prevented from regrowth, the areas we be planted with native species to restore and redevelop the native habitats within our campus. The change is dramatic, however replanting will soon follow in the months and years to come.

We view the redesign of the campus as a once in a generation opportunity, and as a result, we are taking great care to develop a master campus plan that will benefit the school community as well as our neighbors in River Hills and Mequon. To that end, we are enlisting guidance from consultants who will guide the redesign of our campus in alignment with our strategic plan, mission, and curricular goals.

USM is committed to outdoor education, and this restoration project is just one example of that commitment. As the result of contributions from a number of donors, several projects have sparked a renewal in the outdoors as a place to teach and learn. These include an outdoor classroom for Preschool students, the renovation of the Hamilton Greenhouse, a newly planted milkweed habitat for monarch butterflies, the expansion of gardens for bees, and the planting of 300 trees on the property. These projects are all providing the basis of habitat diversification on campus that students can explore, study, and enjoy.

If you have any questions about the woodlands restoration project, please contact Maria Stone, director of development, at 414.540.3331 or