Heritage and History Recognition

At University School of Milwaukee, we take pride in honoring national heritage and history months throughout the year. These occasions offer us a valuable opportunity to explore the rich historical, cultural, and social aspects of various identities while amplifying voices that have been historically marginalized.

In our pursuit to nurture informed learners, leaders, and citizens, it's imperative to offer students a holistic understanding of the world. This entails exposing them to all facets of history and recognizing the significant contributions made by diverse communities. Through both "windows" and "mirrors," students encounter different perspectives and explore their own identities and thoughts.

While the recognition of heritage and history months may vary across divisions, it's essential to understand that exploration of these heritages and histories are not confined to a specific timeframe. These national heritage and history months will serve as reminders to celebrate and honor the contributions of diverse communities every day.

USM recognizes the following heritage and history months:

Please be aware that the provided list is not exhaustive of all heritage and history dates. We welcome input from staff, students, parents, and all members of the USM community to suggest additional dates. You can reach out to Shanee McCoy, director of inclusion, with any suggestions.