Faculty and Staff

We, the faculty and staff at University School of Milwaukee, put students at the front of every decision we make, every day. Our Characteristics of Professional Excellence, which is shared below the directory, were written and adopted during the 2017–18 school year. These defining characteristics are used in meaningful ways in evaluations of our work and performance, but, most importantly, guide our daily work as we seek to create meaningful learning experiences, shape ethical decision makers, and model joy and balance in life. Although these characteristics are also aspirational, they are grounded in who we are today as a faculty and staff.

Leah Wabiszewski

Leah Wabiszewski

Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Characteristics of Professional Excellence

In support of their students, University School of Milwaukee faculty:

  • challenge each individual to pursue personal excellence.
  • inspire a love of inquiry, exploration, and action.
  • encourage independent, creative, and critical thinking.
  • shape active citizenship and ethical decision making.

As they continually refine their craft, University School of Milwaukee faculty:

  • commit to the ongoing development of professional mastery.
  • create meaningful and memorable learning experiences.
  • collaborate with colleagues throughout the entire school.
  • exemplify integrity through kind and respectful acts.

Through their commitment to the school community, University School of Milwaukee faculty:

  • ensure a safe and inclusive student-centered environment.
  • cultivate and engage in local and global partnerships.
  • embrace the values of the Common Trust.
  • model joy and balance in life.