Brave Space

Brave Space is a welcoming community committed to supporting LGBTQIA+ students, parents, and guardians at USM.


We provide a space for LGBTQIA+ families at USM:

  • to visibly connect with each other,
  • to find support in each other as they navigate caring for LGBTQIA+ youth, and
  • to encourage growth as they learn more about children and their queer identities in an educational and modern setting.

Who We Are

Caring for LGBTQIA+ youth is a family and community endeavor. If you are interested in caring for USM's LGBTQIA+ students, you are invited to participate in Brave Space meetings. This includes all types of families and all types of employees.


All meetings take place on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in Upper School room 4103, located across the hall from the Lubar Center for Innovation and Exploration. Meeting dates for the 2022-23 school year are:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 14
  • Wednesday, Oct. 12
  • Wednesday, Nov. 16
  • Wednesday, Dec. 14
  • Wednesday, Jan. 11
  • Wednesday, Feb. 8
  • Wednesday, March 15
  • Wednesday, April 12
  • Wednesday, May 10
  • Wednesday, June 7


If you have any questions regarding Brace Space, please contact Kat Zilka or Drew Mullen.