USM Leadership

University School of Milwaukee's administrative and academic leadership team is charged with leading the school and providing support to its faculty and staff. This group brings expertise and diverse experiences to their leadership roles. While their specific skills and interests vary, they share a common love for the USM community and strive to uphold the school's mission and values and support the values of the Common Trust.

Leadership Team

Steve Hancock, Head of School

Steve Hancock
Head of School

Amy Hand

Amy Hand
Assistant Head of School

Weston Outlaw

Weston Outlaw
Chief Financial Officer

Stuart Cushman, Head of Upper School

Stuart Cushman
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Tauscher, Head of Preschool and Lower School

Michael Tauscher
Head of Preschool and Lower School

Elaine Griffin, Head of Middle School

Elaine Griffin
Head of Middle School

Dr. Gina Haughton, Director of Student Success

Dr. Gina Haughton
Head of Upper School

Jen Keppler

Jen Keppler
Assistant Head of Preschool

Gina Bongiorno, Assistant Head of Preschool and Lower School

Gina Bongiorno
Assistant Head of Lower School

Brad Dunning, Assistant Head of Middle School

Brad Dunning
Assistant Head of Middle School

Susan Zarwell, Director of College Guidance

Susan Zarwell
Assistant Head of Upper School

Shanee McCoy

Shanee McCoy
Director of Inclusion

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Liz Jackson
Director of College Guidance

Isabel Ornelas-Davila, Director of Human Resources

Isabel Ornelas-Davila
Director of Human Resources

Tim Williams, Athletic Director

Tim Williams
Director of Athletics

Claudia Fritz

Claudia Fritz
Director of Enrollment Management

Tim Eilbes, Director of Marketing and Communications

Tim Eilbes
Director of Marketing and Communications

Sabrina Raber

Sabrina Raber
Director of Auxiliary Programs

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