The Rainforest Comes to USM

A student displays her rainforest project

Students in 1st grade celebrated the culmination of their unit on the rainforest. The students spent several weeks learning about the rainforest, and they each chose an animal to study in depth. They researched their animal’s diet, habitat, predators, adaptations, and its behavior, and wrote pages that were compiled into a rainforest animal book. They then created a 3-D model of their animal using recycled materials including egg cartons, yarn, fabric scraps, etc.

On Wednesday, June 2 and Thursday, June 3, parents were invited to campus to see the projects and listen to the students talk about the animals they chose. The project requires students to practice a variety of skills, including reading nonfiction texts, researching, planning, and executing a creative project, and public speaking, as well as exposing them to the diverse habitats and animal life within the rainforest.  

A student discusses her rainforest project with visitors
A student discusses his rainforest project with a visitor
A student poses for a photo with her teacher
A student displays his rainforest project
A student displays her rainforest project