A “Bear” of A Good Time

The teddy bear picnic, an annual event in 1st grade, is a much-loved tradition and the culmination of a two-week unit about bears. Students read many books about bears, practiced bear math problems, and studied the history of the teddy bear. Students were even able to choose their own teddy bear at the beginning of the unit as a special gift from their teachers.

They celebrated the end of their study of bears with an outdoor party on the Lower School playground, alongside their furry friends. They were joined by Head of School Steve Hancock, who brought a super-sized teddy bear, as well as Gregg Bach, assistant head of school, and his childhood teddy bear, named Christmas Tree Wreath Brownie.

A student outside with her teddy bear
Students in class with their teddy bears
A 1st grade teacher takes a picture of a student with his teddy bear
1st grade teacher reads a book about teddy bears
Students with their teddy bears outside
A student holds a teddy bear outside