Bradshaw Morel ’21 Wins National Award

Congratulations to USM alumnus Bradshaw Morel ’21, who was selected as the National Young Male Referee of the Year by US Youth Soccer, the largest youth sport organization in the country. He will be honored, along with other award winners, at a USYS gala in Kansas City.

The annual Young Referee of the Year award honors those who have a strong work ethic, knowledge of the rules of the game, and are positive role models. They are awarded for their dedication to the game, their outstanding personal accomplishments, and service as role models to other youth referees and players, as well as for their excellence as recognized by their adult referee peers and mentors.

Morel played with the Bavarian United Soccer Club in Glendale, Wisconsin, and also served as a captain for USM’s boys’ varsity soccer team. “As a soccer player, Bradshaw provided a unique combination of athleticism, character, and intelligence,” said Jock Mutschler, USM head boys’ soccer coach. “He often provided that extra burst of energy when his teammates were fatigued and struggled to maintain their focus. His impact on the field stemmed from his tenacity and his athleticism. Bradshaw led by example. He was constantly in motion, pushing himself to get into advantageous positions, opportunistically running off the ball, and covering for less gifted teammates. He never yielded an inch on the field–emotionally or physically.”
Through the Young Referee of the Year program, US Youth Soccer helps foster the development of referees for the future of soccer in the United States. Many of the leagues around the country would not be able to cover all of their games if not for the involvement of youth referees. 

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