Summer Reading Revisited

Upper School students recently had the chance to revisit their summer reading assignments. On Monday, Oct. 25, all Upper School students discussed “Interior Chinatown” by Charles Yu, which was their assigned summer reading. They talked about the book in their respective advising groups, with discussions centering around the book’s format as a screenplay and the significance of its setting in an American Chinatown.  

On Tuesday, Oct. 26, all 10th grade students met virtually with author Noe Alvarez, who wrote the book “Spirit Run,” which was required summer reading for all sophomores. The discussion was moderated by USM’s student book club leaders Dalia Chairez ’24 and Emily Igwike ’24. Alvarez spoke about his writing process, and why he wrote “Spirit Run,” and he answered questions from students. 

Author Noe Alvarez on a Zoom call with USM students