Welcome to Our JEDI Team Members

University School of Milwaukee and Dr. Gina Haughton, director of equity and student success, are excited to announce that the following individuals have been selected to serve as members of the school’s new JEDI team: Brita Willis, Erica Melick, and Joshua Miller. These individuals will assist Haughton with her Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work at USM. All faculty and staff at USM were invited to apply to serve these roles.

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to create a team specifically designed for additional JEDI support,” said Haughton. “In addition, I’m really grateful that I have the support of our entire USM community to engage in this important work.”

Erica Melick is a 1st grade teacher in the Lower School, where she focuses on making each child feel valued and able to express their authentic self. As the spouse of an alumnus, and a parent of two USM students (one in Middle School and one in Lower School), Melick enjoys cheering with other USM families at hockey and football games. She is a Lower School robotics coach and a member of the Lower School social studies committee. She has also served as a Middle School volleyball and lacrosse coach. 

Joshua Miller is the technical director for the Performing Arts department, where he serves as the designer for all theatrical productions. He is a teacher of both technical theatre and filmmaking. He also serves students as an assistant coach for varsity football and Upper School advisor. He lives by the motto “it’s all about the kids” and that’s what guides his daily practices.

Brita Willis is a 3rd grade teacher in the Lower School, where she serves as a member of the Lower School literacy committee. Outside of the classroom, Willis has coached both Lower School and Middle School robotics and is an assistant varsity track and field coach. During her time at USM, Willis has shown great interest in social-emotional learning, service learning, and innovative teaching. The question that guides her overall experience at USM is, what’s best for kids?