Dr. Rick Clark on Executive Functioning in Kids

Dr. Rick Clark on Executive Functioning in Kids

Dr. Rick Clark, a child clinical psychologist, gave his second presentation of the school year to parents at University School of Milwaukee on Friday, May 3. This visit was centered around the importance of developing executive functioning skills and developed for parents of Lower School- and Middle School-aged children.

Clark believes that executive functioning skills, such as organization, impulse control, emotional regulation, and ability to focus are skills that can play an important role in a child’s success as an adult. Children who struggle with executive functioning may be lacking the skills and knowledge needed, and rely on parents, caregivers, and teachers to help them learn and develop those skills. 

Clark recommended that parents and caregivers work to identify specific executive functioning skills that children may be lacking, and seek resources for how to improve upon them. He recommended three books specifically: “Smart but Scattered,” “Raising Human Beings,” and “Late, Lost, and Unprepared.”

He previously spoke to parents of younger children in November 2023, and has also partnered with USM Preschool teachers to help them best support the school’s youngest learners. Many thanks to USM’s Parents’ Association, which sponsored his latest visit.

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