New Wildcats Athletics Brand Unveiled

New Wildcats Athletics Brand Unveiled

The new primary logo in the Wildcats athletics brand, showcased in the launch video, was introduced this morning to students, faculty, and staff, who each received a drawstring bag featuring the new wildcat head and athletic fonts to kick off the excitement.

The new USM Wildcats athletics brand, set to be introduced in full at the start of the 2024-25 school year, will feature more than a dozen unique primary, secondary, and tertiary marks, along with multiple versions of sport-specific logos. The brand was designed by Rickabaugh Graphics, a nationally renowned firm based in Ohio that has created award-winning brands for professional sports teams, colleges and universities, K-12 schools, and other sports organizations nationwide.

Elements of the new brand will begin to appear on campus throughout the summer as part of other projects, with the full brand—including a second phase of marks not yet unveiled—rolling out ahead of the start of the 2024–25 school year. Wildcats fans should expect to see some elements of the previous athletics brand for a while longer, however. Team uniforms, athletic venue updates, and signage replacements on the campus will follow an established, multi-year replacement schedule.

The new brand will be featured on temporary signage around campus, including at today's end-of-year Tailgate on the Turf event for all students and their families, where student volunteers will also be wearing T-shirts with the new primary logo.

To learn more about the new USM Wildcats athletics brand, including a look at some of the other new logos and marks shared as part of this first phase of the rollout, when and where merchandise and other items will be available for purchase, the athletics brand committee and focus group/feedback session participants, and more, visit

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A graphic image of the new USM Wildcats athletics logo