Scholastic Art Winners Announced

Scholastic Art Winners Announced

Congratulations to 25 Upper School students who won a total of 64 individual awards in art from the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, including 17 Gold Keys and 13 Silver Keys. View the award-winning work here

Winning entries were selected for awards without knowledge of the student’s gender, age, ethnicity, or hometown by some of the foremost leaders in the visual and literary arts. Jurors look for works that exemplify the Scholastic Art Awards’ core values: originality, skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision. Many USM students were honored for multiple works, including: Gianna Cooks '26, Darcy Doyle '26, Jorge Guifarro '25, Madelyn Hernandez '25, Eliana Igwike '26, Tatiana Marich '25, Sullivan Mellowes '25, Izabel Munoz '25, Halimah Shittu '25, and Aida El-Hajjar '27, who won an incredible 25 awards, including seven Gold Keys.

All 25 art award winners will be honored at a special virtual ceremony on Sunday, March 3, and students who received either a Gold Key or Silver Key will have their work displayed in an exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum from Feb. 24 through April 7. In addition, the Gold Key recipients advance to the national competition in New York City for a chance to have their work exhibited and/or published.

Congratulations to the following USM student award winners:

Ezran Anastas '25 Honorable Mention Painting
  • "Reflection"
Rosie Barksdale '27 Gold Key Photography
  • Volume
Eva Barth '25 Honorable Mention Ceramics and Glass
  • "Rose Urn"
Ainsley Berger '27 Gold Key Photography
  • "Poolside"
Grace Chen '27 Gold Key Photography
  • "The Effort Behind the Grace"
Gianna Cooks '26 Gold Keys Photography
  • "Singing Sister"
  • "Compassion for a Brother"
Aurelia Dawson '26 Honorable Mention Ceramics and Glass
  • "Braided Vase"
Abigail Dengel '27 Honorable Mention Photography
  • "Memories"
Darcy Doyle '26 Silver Keys Photography
  • "Vanishing Trails"
  • "Natures Art"
Darcy Doyle '26 Honorable Mention Photography
  • "Nature's Elegy: A Feathered Remnant"
Aida El-Hajjar '27 Gold Keys Painting
  • "The Soundscapes of Genocide"
  • "Achilles Heel of the Modern American Man"
  • "Seeking Asylum 
    Seeking Humanity"
Aida El-Hajjar '27 Gold Keys Drawing and Illustration
  • "Lady Liberty R U Ok?" 
  • "I Said; STOP!"
  • "Just human ... and you?"
Aida El-Hajjar '27 Gold Key Digital Art
  • "B+ Student"
Aida El-Hajjar '27 Silver Keys Painting
  • "She Is Watching Humanity"
  • "Pure Sister Love"
Aida El-Hajjar '27 Silver Keys Drawing and Illustration
  • "Haunted"
  • "Dance With Me"
  • "A Faustian Bargain"
  • "Hope for Daylight"
  • "Can't Sleep"
  • "Warrior"
Aida El-Hajjar '27 Honorable Mentions Editorial Cartoon
  • "Palestine Is Not For Sale"
Aida El-Hajjar '27 Honorable Mentions Painting
  • "Blood On Your Hands"
  • "The On-Looker"
  • "They Can't Fence Us In"
  • "Intruders"
Aida El-Hajjar '27 Honorable Mentions Drawing and Illustration
  • "Assalamu-alaikam"
  • "Reverie"
Aida El-Hajjar '27 Honorable Mentions Digital Art
  • "Yes; Your Majesty?"
  • "Mirror; Mirror"
  • "Are Teddy & I Collateral Damage"
Reiley Fitzsimmons '26 Honorable Mention Photography
  • "A Quiet Pond"
Wiley Fowler '24 Silver Key Photography
  • "Last Breath"
Jorge Guifarro '25 Gold Key Drawing and Illustration
  • "Octopolis"
Jorge Guifarro '25 Silver Key Drawing and Illustration
  • "Cruzville"
Jorge Guifarro '25 Honorable Mention Drawing and Illustration
  • "Conference Champs"
Madelyn Hernandez '25 Honorable Mentions Digital Art
  • "Por Telefono"
  • "Mariachita"
Eliana Igwike '26 Silver Key Painting
  • "eyes of Blessing"
Eliana Igwike '26 Honorable Mentions Drawing and Illustration
  • "a lion is a poem; a poem of me"
  • "sisters sketched"
Nikhil Lazzaro '26 Honorable Mention Photography
  • "Speed of Life"
Tatiana Marich '25 Gold Key Fashion
  • "Cyanotype Jacket"
Tatiana Marich '25 Honorable Mention Fashion
  • Hand-painted Blazer: "Enfance"
Madeline Mellowes '27 Honorable Mention Photography
  • "Lonely Nights"
Sullivan Mellowes '25 Gold Key Photography
  • "Adare Manor"
Sullivan Mellowes '25 Honorable Mentions Photography
  • "Future"
  • "Waves"
Izabel Muñoz '25 Silver Key Photography
  • "Smolder(ing)"
Izabel Muñoz '25 Honorable Mention Photography
  • "devilish abyss"
David Naples '27 Honorable Mention Painting
  • "Marching Sacrifice"
Gabi Ortiz Fleet '26 Silver Key Photography
  • "Floating Away"
Halimah Shittu '25 Gold Keys Photography
  • "Solemn Courtesan"
  • "Guarded Form"
Halimah Shittu '25 Honorable Mentions Photography
  • "Fluorescent Materiality"
  • "Structural Spiral"
Ethan Van Genderen '26 Silver Key Photography
  • "Interlinked Harmony"
Addy Witt '27 Silver Key Photography
  • "Golden Best Friend"


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