Students Earn Honors for Artwork

Students Earn Honors for Artwork

University School of Milwaukee students Aida El-Hajjar ’27 and Halimah Shittu ’25 received honors for their Scholastic Art Award-winning art, currently on display at the Milwaukee Art Museum and viewable here, along with all the other award-winning work from USM students this year. El-Hajjar earned the Wisconsin Pastel Artists Award for her work “Just human and you?” and Shittu was nominated for the American Visions Award for her photo, “Solemn Courtesan.” 

Up to five works from each region can be nominated for an American Vision Award. These nominated works are then reviewed by national judges to receive the American Vision Medal, which is awarded to one nominee from each region. 

Both pieces by El-Hajjar and Shittu earned Gold Keys from Scholastic Art and will be judged at the national level, along with the other Gold Key winners from USM.

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A drawing of a woman wearing a headscarf

"Just Human And You?" by Aida El-Hajjar '27

A black and white photograph of a woman looking into the distance

"Solemn Courtesan" by Halimah Shittu '25