Upper School Welcomes 8th Grade Visitors

Upper School Welcomes 8th Grade Visitors

All current 8th grade students at University School of Milwaukee experienced a taste of the Upper School this week. Small groups of 8th grade students visited the Upper School during the school day, where they participated in a group tour led by an Upper School student ambassador, as well as a panel discussion where they were invited to ask upperclassmen a variety of questions about life in the Upper School.

“We recognize that progressing from 8th to 9th grade is a transition for students, and we want to assist with that transition,” said Dr. Nancy Athanasiou, associate director of Enrollment Management. “We want them to feel comfortable to ask questions, to learn about Upper School from current students, and to feel welcomed and included.”

Students asked the Upper School ambassadors questions on a variety of aspects of life in the Upper School, including homework, advising, exams, clubs and affinity groups, the Upper School house system, uniforms, and student leadership opportunities.

“We value our 8th grade students and families and want to give them a variety of opportunities to experience life in the Upper School,” said Claudia Fritz, director of Enrollment Management. “We look forward to watching our 8th graders succeed as Upper School students.”

Many thanks to Athanasiou; Sue Beaty, 8th grade English teacher; Charlie Housiaux ’02, Upper School dean of students; Chuck Taft, 8th grade American studies history teacher; and Susan Zarwell ’87, assistant head of Upper School, for their work to coordinate the visits.

Student participate in a panel discussion with younger students
A student speaks as part of a panel to younger students
An Upper School student shows Middle School students where the mailboxes are
A student points to an area of a classroom while other students look on