The USM Advantage

Is there a more valuable gift you can give your child than the gift of a great education?

When your family visits University School of Milwaukee for the first time, you will realize—like so many families before you—why USM is such an incredible school. We offer what is hands-down the best education in Wisconsin, and among the finest in the country, for students of all ages. Parents like you, who don’t ever settle for “good enough” for their children, want a great education. Families who have chosen USM have made the decision that an investment in their child’s education is the best investment they can make in that child’s future.

Our students not only succeed, they thrive, because we have the very best teachers and staff who work hard to create the most supportive community your child could ever be part of. Students accept the academic challenges put to them because they are provided the tools, resources, and support they need for a life of success. When they leave for college, they are also passionate self-advocates with strong values and beliefs, and some of the finest learners, leaders, and citizens in the country.

Is USM worth it for your child? Once you learn more about what makes this school so special, you’ll understand the value of a USM education, and the only question you’ll be asking is, can I afford not to give my child the best education possible?

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