Cross-Divisional Learning

At University School of Milwaukee, we believe that it is important for students of all ages to grow, interact, and learn from one another. Throughout the year, students have opportunities to meet cross-divisionally to learn, socialize, and share their school spirit in fun and exciting ways. Although these meetings may be fun for students young and old, they are also foundational learning opportunities to develop leadership and communication skills. Some examples include:

Preschool and Lower School Classroom Buddies

All classrooms are partnered to share curricular activities revolving around the Common Trust. Children learn what it means to live the “Wildcat Way” of being honest, trustworthy, respectful, kind, and fair toward others. Older children have the opportunity to lead and younger children are able to share their learning with others.

2nd Grade and Upper School Math Buddies

Math concept reinforcement is a major component to learning. As part of our math buddies program, 2nd graders play math games with Upper School juniors. While the younger children practice math concepts, they also have the opportunity to see the Upper School mathematicians as role models for their continued success at USM.

4th Grade Tower Project Mentors

During the 4th Grade Tower Project work, all 4th graders are paired with a mentor at USM. The mentor, a USM employee, meets with their mentee on a regular basis and provides guidance on researching, interviewing, creating, and presenting the Tower Project.