Already extremely popular, esports—or competitive gaming—continues to grow and gain more national and international mainstream attention. University School of Milwaukee launched its own esports team in 2019, and it has proven to be a popular option with students and parents alike.

Frequently asked Esports questions

Important Note

As with traditional athletics, USM esports abides by the Common Trust; creates a culture of teamwork, service, and personal responsibility; promotes the qualities of sportsmanship, responsibility, teamwork, cooperation, leadership, and winning and losing with grace; and requires responsibility to USM, the community, the student body, the activity, and the student him/herself. Moreover, USM esports upholds the same code of conduct standard throughout the esports world. We create an open, welcoming, safe environment where students can have fun and develop their skills. We do not engage in any offensive language or actions; we do not cheat or hack; we do not share private information; and we do not tolerate harassment, discrimination, or denigration. In these ways, USM esports, like traditional athletics, contributes to our school’s dedication to helping our students grow as learners, leaders, and citizens.