Fine Arts

At USM we don’t just teach the arts, we make artists. All our visual and performing arts teachers respond to students’ unique needs to foster growth and independence. The vast array of arts opportunities, media, and performances students experience throughout their time at USM is astounding. Beginning in the earliest years, students are recognized for their creative capacities. They begin exploring the arts through movement, hands-on music participation, and art making. This sparks a passion for the arts that follows students as they advance throughout their years at USM. Development in critical thought, teamwork, collaboration, ensemble building and leadership skills are instilled in all students through our visual and performing arts programs. Student voice, choice and critical thinking is encouraged, allowing for authentic discovery and growth.

The arts facilities and resources at USM are unparalleled, allowing our fine arts teachers to teach a wide variety of classes at a high level. The beautiful new performing arts wing houses acoustically-sound, state-of-the-art band and orchestra rehearsal halls and theatre dressing rooms. The Virginia Henes Young Theatre is a beautiful space where thespians of all ages showcase their boundless creativity. USM houses five beautiful visual art studios and the Werner Family Art Gallery, where students masterfully exhibit their works of art. Collaborations with the community are always being pursued. All of our visual and performing arts classes have opportunities to work hand in hand with local artists in the classroom, and through the help of technology, with artists from around the country and the world.