House Program

Yale University has a house system, and so does Harvard University. Perhaps the most famous of house systems is the fictional one at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And, since 2010, Upper School students have enjoyed being sorted into one of four houses: Academy House, Arrow House, Crest House, and Ledger House.

The house program builds strong relationships across grade levels through friendly and varied competitions and community service projects held throughout the school year. The exciting and challenging activities culminate with the winning house claiming the House Cup in the spring. The house program also provides students with leadership opportunities, from leading their house as house captain, to captaining the trivia or Quidditch teams to glory, and all students have the opportunity to lead while building life-long friendships and memories.

Each house includes 25% of the students in each Upper School grade level based on advising groups, which allows the house bonds to strengthen throughout the year in advising activities.