Student safety and well-being is the top priority at University School of Milwaukee, which is why the school maintains a fully-staffed nurse clinic throughout the year. Housed in the Preschool and Lower School, the nurse clinic is open to students, faculty, and staff in all divisions and provides a valuable connection between parents, children, and medical professionals.

Members of the nurse clinic work closely with parents and faculty members to ensure that student medical conditions are carefully monitored and any prescription medications are properly administered as needed. In addition, school nurses manage student medical, contact, and consent information electronically, as well as health forms, visit notes, and doctor’s orders.

The school’s nurse clinic provides annual employee training and emergency medication administration, manages a volunteer medical response team, and maintains the school’s supply of emergency response equipment such as automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and epinephrine autoinjectors. The nurses also work closely with HandCut Foods staff to manage student food allergies.