At University School of Milwaukee, the safety and security of our students is our top priority. The school employs three full-time security officers, plus numerous evening and weekend security officers, who staff visitor entrances and provide assistance as needed.

School Visitors

All entrances to the school are locked, and many require the scanning of a school-issued I.D. badge to enter. This ensures that all visitors to campus check in at one of two visitor entrances. After sharing a photo I.D. and being cleared through our visitor management system, they are given a visitor’s badge to wear throughout their time in the building.

Safety and Security Drills

Throughout the school year, students, faculty, and staff participated in a variety of safety and security drills, including fire, tornado, and active shooter drills. Student Safety and Security team staff are on hand to assist teachers and administrators and to answer any questions. In addition, the school tests its parent communication system at the beginning of each school year to ensure the most up-to-date contact information is on record if parents need to be alerted.

Community Partners

USM maintains a strong relationship with local law enforcement and emergency personnel, including the River Hills Police Department and Milwaukee Police Department.