Tower Project

Tower Project is a student-centered, teacher-mentored, and school-supported experiential learning program that encourages students to pursue their own interests and take their learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom. A spiraling curriculum from 4th grade through 12th grade helps students develop and deepen their confidence and competence in a wide variety of skills.

Students in each division work on developing, researching, and creating a Tower Project on a topic of their choice for an entire academic term or longer. They meet with teachers, members of the USM community, mentors, and local experts who help them define and refine their topic, conduct research, create presentations, and stay on track throughout the duration of the project. 

As a result of their work, students gain academic skills such as research, writing (both academic and reflective), critical thinking, analysis and synthesis, and project creation. They also gain confidence and abilities in public speaking, problem solving, time management, relationship building, risk taking and more, all in a supportive and encouraging environment.