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Upper School students discuss a book around the harkness table.

I sometimes joke with my students that in this era of innovation, I could hold English class on a remote desert island, without electricity or phones. We could sit in a circle with our books in our laps, reading poignant passages aloud to one another while embracing all that it means to be human.

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Charlie Housiaux teaches an English class around the Harkness table.

I was a 7th-grade student when I first knew that I wanted to become a teacher. My teacher, Mrs. Roller, had assigned a simple project: identify a current career goal and seek out hands-on experiences to learn more about it. To gain experience working with kids, I volunteered to help with a Lower School lunch table for several days.

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Third grade students organize donations at a food pantry.

It’s no secret that the Common Trust—agreeing to relate to one another and the School with respect, trust, honesty, fairness, and kindness—is an important component of a University School of Milwaukee education. But in addition to learning about it in their classrooms, students are encouraged to practice in it their everyday lives.

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Ingrid Lofgren displays the books that have been collected inside the Little Library.

Sixth-grade student Ingrid Lofgren recently created a Little Library at USM. Lofgren worked with 5th and 6th Grade Dean of Students and 6th Grade Teacher Brad Dunning and Head of Middle School Pamela Nosbusch to make her idea a reality.

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Students at USM are now enjoying Red Barn Family Farms milk at lunch. Red Barn is a dairy procurement company that derives its high-quality milk and cheese from eight different family farms in eastern Wisconsin.

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