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Arts Live 2017

Arts Live 2017

The fourth-annual Arts Live event, held throughout two days in late April, was a School-wide celebration of visual arts, theatre, and music. The theme was #VisualizePeace, and students were asked, “When you close your eyes and visualize peace, what do you see?” Their responses were photographed and hung throughout the School for visitors to see. Students in all divisions displayed a variety of artistic talents, from collaborative Mount Fuji sculptures and symbolic Sgraffito coil pots in the Lower School, to Mexican drinking vessels and music performances in the Middle School, and public speaking and Shakespear monologues in the Upper School.

An A Capella group performs during Arts Live.

A Cappella 8th-grade singers (from left) Ana Bhushan, Mimi Norman, Kala Siddalingaiah, Anna Schultz, Audrey Ferrer, Margaret Rankin, Tesse Okunseri, Gabrielle Fellenz, Sophia Luciano, Audrey Treptow, and Sara Musani performing on stage.

3D printed materials.

David Hutton ’18 designed and 3D-printed these functional materials from scratch in his Digital Art Portfolio class.

A student plays the xylophone during a concert.

Mason Milliner ’25 played the xylophone.

A student performs a live reading of Hamlet.

Daniel Glazer ’17 performed the part of Hamlet while demonstrating the “in-class” rehearsal process.

A student plays the harp during a concert.

Emma Smith ’17 played the harp in the band, orchestra, and choir curricular concert.

A student paints while on stage in the theatre.

While the jazz band performed, Anne Filali ’17 interpreted the music through painting while on stage.

Two students perform a dance while other students sing to provide music for the routine.

(From left) Abby Moyer ’22 and Amelia Ackles ’22 performed a dance piece that they choreographed.

A Lower School student sings during a grade level concert.

Zara Vaseem ’26 sane in the grades 3 and 4 curricular concert.

A Middle School student performs a Shakespearean monologue.

Mackenzie Petersen ’23 performed a Shakespearean monologue from “The Merchant of Venice”.

A line of Japanese Kokeshi folk art dolls created by students.

Fifth-graders created these Kokeshi dolls, inspired by Japanese folk art, as part of their study of Asian culture.

Students work together on projects at a craft table during Arts Live.

Guests were invited to make their own art with Kohl’s Color Wheels.

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