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Staff Retirements 2017

Staff Retirements 2017

Fred Chester (below, seated) is retiring from USM after more than 16 years as a bus driver. “USM is a wonderful place to work,” he said. “I love being with the students because they tell me jokes.” Chester’s son, Mike, is a USM graduate of the Class of 1979. Upon retirement, he’s looking forward to continuing his volunteer work.

Fred Chester poses for a photo inside an empty school bus.

Jerry Powell (below, in front of bus) is retiring from USM after serving for more than 10 years as a bus driver. He will miss interacting with the students and teachers, but is proud to end his time on a high note with no accidents. He is excited to visit as many national parks as he can. “I’ve got brothers in Arizona and Florida, so I have places to go and people to visit,” he said.

Jerry Powell poses for a photo next to his school bus.

Raul Bautista is retiring from USM after more than 18 years with the Custodial Department. “Raul is a hard-working and sincere family man who takes great pride in his work,” said Isabel Ornelas-Davila, director or human resources. “He made sure that the rooms he cared for were in top shape.” Bautista was not available for a photo.

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