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USM Welcomes Scholarship Recipients

USM Welcomes Scholarship Recipients

The following five freshmen have been selected from a competitive pool of applicants to receive full-tuition scholarships and join the University School of Milwaukee community for the 2017-2018 school year. In an effort to provide an exemplary educational experience for students of all backgrounds, USM’s scholarship program provides various levels of financial assistance to qualifying students. The scholarships, which exist thanks to the generosity of donors, are awarded based on outstanding academic merit, character, leadership skills, and community service, among other requirements. Here the students share, in their own words, how they overcame a challenging time in their lives.

Enrique Aldape

2017 John "J.S." Stephens Scholarship

I began to think maybe my new neighbors were just as fearful of our differences as I was. How could I challenge this fear? How could I make others change their minds about me?

A move to a new neighborhood—one with different traditions and customs—proved challenging for Enrique Aldape. But he learned to overcome his differences with his new neighbors and perform small acts of kindness that made a positive impact. Aldape comes to USM from Bruce-Guadalupe Middle School. He’s excited to try his hand at hockey, and hopes to continue playing the violin while at USM.

The John “J.S.” Stephens Scholarship was created by a donor who wanted to honor his USM student experience with Stephens, a former faculty member and administrator who served the School for more than 50 years.

Amari Blasini-Bush

2017 STAR Scholarship

We worked with an organization called Voces de la Frontera, which helps families that have lost, or are about to lose, a family member to deportation. My cousins and I participated in rallies and protests. I was on the news and talked about my feelings with deportations.

As a child, Amari Blasini-Bush did not give her American citizenship much thought. But after Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained her uncle for nearly 18 months, her view changed. The experience led her to work with Voces de la Frontera and join others going through similar circumstances. Blasini-Bush is an avid reader and loves to sing. She won the talent contest at Bruce-Guadalupe Middle School, and is excited to play basketball and volleyball at USM.

The STAR scholarship is offered to a new, incoming minority 9th-grade student who lives in the city of Milwaukee.

James Graham

2017 Milwaukee College Prep Scholarship

My little brother and I were playin around in the bathroom, not thinking about our surroundings. We fell right on the glass shower door and were left with huge cuts on our legs. At the hospital, the doctor said I might not be able to move my ankel much.

After an accident in 2011, James Graham was unsure if he would be able to play basketball again. Rather than losing hope, Graham tackled his challenges head on—completing painful resistance band and leg exercises with his father, going to physical therapy, and spending time in the gym. Thanks to his diligence and hard work, Graham’s ankle is coming back—just in time for him to join USM’s basketball team.

Kenyon Kirksey

2017 Milwaukee College Prep Scholarship

I have had to overcome many obstacles in my life, but the most challenging was when my Great Aunt Meldoris passed away in 2013. She knew I had what it takes to be successful in life, and she is why I push through challenges

Kenyon Kirksey cites his positive attitude as a quality that sets him apart from others his age. For him, a challenge or mistake is simply an opportunity to do better next time. He enjoys math class and has attended engineering campus to improve his skills in computer engineering. Kirksey loves football and plans on playing at USM. Not only does he think it’s fun, he likes the opportunity to be part of a team working toward a common goal.

Both Graham and Kirksey are recipients of the Milwaukee College Prep Scholarship. Several USM families provide the annual funding for two Milwaukee College Prep Scholarships, which celebrated the achievements of these talented MCP alumni and recognize the relationship between our two schools.

Alondra Mora-Munoz

2017 Joe Lubar '08 Scholarship Recipient

When I’m on stage, I feel inspired. When I’m conveying a story to an audience, I feel strong. When I’m playing a Seitz concerto on a Bach suite, nothing in the world can stop by.

An inability to discover a passion or life’s calling left Alondra Mora-Munoz feeling like she might never be successful. But after taking summer classes at First Stage Theater Academy, she finally found her passion: the stage and self-expression. She is excited to audition for her first theatre production at USM and is an avid viola player, having played the instrument for the past eight years. She also enjoys playing volleyball and tennis, and comes to USM from Bruce-Guadalupe Middle School.

Established by the Lubar family, the Joe Lubar Scholarship honors the memory of Joe Lubar ’08, who exemplified the character and traditions of USM through his contributions as a student, citizen, and athlete.

USM's Scholarship Program

USM’s Office of Enrollment Management works in partnership with prospective and current families to help ensure that a USM education remains affordable. Many of USM’s scholarship opportunities exist due to the generosity of donors who contributed to the establishment of named, endowed funds, the annual incomes of which provide scholarships to qualifying students.

In addition to the five, full-tuition scholarships featured here, USM has 45 other named, endowed scholarship funds that range in value, with principals of all funds averaging $500,000. They are the result of directed donations from individuals, families, and entire classes of alumni. USM is exceedingly grateful for the thoughtful generosity of these donors and the impact the scholarships have on the recipients, their families, and the entire USM community.

If you are interested in establishing an endowed scholarship fund, please contact Maria Stone, director of development, at 414.540.3331 or

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