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Having Fun While Changing Lives

Having Fun While Changing Lives

Seventh-grade students in Brian Markwald’s economics class participated in a service project while learning about micro-finance and the power of microloans to change lives. They created a wide variety of cardboard arcade games and invited 1st-through 4th-grade students to play the games for 25 cents each. The money raised from the arcades was used to make a microloan through the KIVA organization.

Students in 7th grade have participated in this project for many years, and this year they anticipated crossing the $35,000 threshold of loans made collectively over the years. “This project makes the curriculum come alive,” said Markwald, 7th-grade teacher and dean of students. “I love seeing their final creations—some of the games are really clever! I believe learning should be fun, and the KIVA project shows that.”

Students play homemade arcade games to raise money for charity.
A student plays a toss game during the KEVA arcade.
A student plays a toy car game during the KEVA arcade.


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