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A Lasting Legacy

A Lasting Legacy

University School is proud to have a strong legacy family tradition, and we celebrated their continued connection with the school at a legacy family breakfast in November. Currently there are 172 USM students who have a family legacy of attending USM, meaning one of more of their parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents attended the school of one of its predecessor schools.

The Morgan family.

From left: Kristen, Colby Ann, Charlotte ’32, and Colleston ’03 Morgan attended the legacy breakfast event.

Colleston Morgan ’03 and his family recently relocated to Milwaukee from New Orleans, and his daughter Charlotte ’32 now attends USM. “I loved it here, so it’s awesome to be back,” he said. “My wife and I knew that USM was the kind of school we wanted for our kids, and we came back to Milwaukee in part to come to USM. It was the only choice for us.” 

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