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The Illiterati

The Illiterati

For former Middle School Drama Teacher Mark Edwards, an opportunity to take over as the Upper School drama teacher in July was too good to refuse. “I knew I wanted to work with high-school-aged students eventually, and this seemed like a great opportunity,” he said. “They’re older, more mature, and a little bit more cerebral, so you can go into greater depth with the pieces.”

Teacher Mark Edwards provides acting direction to his students.

In October, Edwards and his students performed “The Illiterati,” a piece Edwards had written seven years ago. The play is about famous literary characters who are dying off because books have been banned, and is meant to highlight the notion that education and access to information can lead to enlightenment. “This group really came together. They were incredibly easy to work with and I was very proud of what we accomplished. In a lot of ways, they affirmed my decision to take on this new role.”

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