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What is it like...

Ever wonder what it’s like to write with Stephen King? Or to work at the Vatican? These alumni know—and they’re spilling all the details. -As told to Pamela Seiler.

What is it Like... to Run the World's Largest Music Festival?

Fireworks light up the night sky during Summer Fest while downtown Milwaukee shines in the background.

What is it Like... to Co-write a Bestselling Novel with Stephen King?

A dark haunted house is lit at night by a full moon and misty fog.

What is it Like... to Live in Perpetual Movement?

A middle eastern-styled rug with intricate patterns.

What is it Like... to Lead in the Face of Adversity?

A modern corporate conference room with glass walls looks out over the city during sun rise.

What is it Like... to Save a Life?

A large military plane prepares to land at dusk.

What is it Like... to Work at the Vatican?

Inside St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.


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