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A Message from Steve Hancock: Fall/Winter 2020-21

A Message from Steve Hancock: Fall/Winter 2020-21

Dear USM Community,

I am pleased to share this latest edition of “USM Today” with you. The title of our school’s magazine gives me a moment of pause. Where is USM today in the midst of a global pandemic? How do the additional challenges and difficulties around our country affect our school? These are questions that I am asking myself every day. My hope always comes back to the students in our care.

It has often been said that our children will be the leaders of tomorrow. Those leaders do not simply appear. They are grown and cultivated by loving parents and schools who truly care to develop students in all areas of life. At USM we are constantly striving to develop leaders, learners, and citizens, and our Portrait of a USM Graduate serves as a roadmap for our school. During this season of change and uncertainty, I am thankful to have both our Common Trust and mission to lead us through this difficult time.

Many have asked me how my tenure at University School of Milwaukee has begun. I arrived at school on July 1 to find an incredible and dedicated team of leaders. Together, we rolled up our sleeves, made plans, reacted to the information in front of us, and made new plans. We continued to repeat this pattern many times until the start of the school year. We have learned so much during this concentrated time together, and I am incredibly thankful for the many leaders of USM.

One thing that has been challenging during this unprecedented time is for me to be able to get to know the community. While there have been many Zoom meetings and phone calls, I do long for the day when my family and I can open up our home on campus to students, parents, alumni, and other friends of the school. This edition of the magazine introduces my family to the USM community (see page 10). We are thrilled to be at USM and look forward to sharing a bit about ourselves with you.

Our graduates are always the best example of the benefits of a USM education. As we work to create leaders, learners, and citizens here at school, our alumni are continuing to strive for these ideals. On page 24, we feature several alumni who have placed “lifelong” in front of each of these qualities. They are just a few examples of individuals in our alumni community striving to make a difference during this era of COVID-19.

Finally, I want to highlight the herculean efforts of our faculty. These talented educators have had to reinvent education. With students both at home and in person, the faculty has adjusted, adapted, and reimagined how to deliver curriculum in a physically distanced and dual-platform reality. They are constantly learning and sharing. Each individual is an inspiration to me, and collectively the faculty and staff deserve our highest praise.

Looking forward to the day when we can be together,

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  • Head of School