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A Look Back: Fall/Winter 2021-22

A Look Back: Fall/Winter 2021-22

Who was your favorite teacher?

A photo collage of beloved USM teachers.

"All of them in 1954-58: Mr. Wedge, Mrs. Hill, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Boese, and especially Mr. Haley, to name a few. Thanks to all!"
- Susan Baillie MUS'58

"Mary Hill was the most inspirational teacher I ever had. She taught English and helped mold us into responsible learners. She went the extra mile if you went in for help. She was tough, but fair!"
- Claire Burghardt Hodge MUS'62

"Tom Bergen and Fengchi Chen for sure!"
- Diane K. O’Connor '69

"There were so many. Mary Basson for teaching us how to write and John A. Stephens for teaching us an appreciation of American intellectual history. The same for J. Gregory Morgan and European history, Madame Ragen and French literature, Denny Bauman and Petronius, Beth Sieckman and paleontology, Steve Bruemmer and Africa, and Ernie Brusubardis for Handel and Stan Kenton!"
- Jim Swearingen '80

"So many wonderful teachers but I would have to say Mr. Bruemmer. His classes were so interesting and  he was the faculty advisor on some great extracurriculars. Who knew Model UN could be so fun? He  inspired me to reach farther in my pursuits. Mr. Bergen is a close second because we got along so well. But so many great teachers who loved what they did and it showed!"
- Kerry Ninneman Goese '81

"Cathy Hayden, Ms. Markland, Mrs. Basson, Kate Elsner, Peggy Seegers, and Steve Bruemmer all had a dramatic impact on me. But it’s so hard to pick when Gardner Friedlander, Mrs. Fox, Ms. Dayne, Mrs. Stolee, and Mr. Margenau were in the mix, too. When I think back almost every teacher, coach, and administrator left an imprint. I’m so grateful to have had unique experiences with all of them."
- Karen Hartwig '86

"All of my English teachers were encouraging and engaging. I also appreciate Herr Klijnsmit, Frau Stuckslager, and Señora Morse for helping to cultivate my love of learning languages."
- Amita Gupta '94

"Ms. Hostetler. Brilliant at leading analytical discussions of literary texts. Amazing teacher."
- Lauren Brozovich '95

"I was blessed to have the wonderful Gregg Bach as my 6th grade teacher, as well as my advisor senior year. He remains an amazing mentor, fellow die-hard Brewers fan, and just a world class human being. I also loved having Margaret Lang as my 3rd grade teacher. She helped me fall in love with learning and always fostered a classroom filled with curiosity and inquiry!"
- William Piper '96

"Mr. Bertucci met me with such kindness and patience when I struggled with math. He always found ways to relate it to things that interested me and was always interested in hearing about me and my life."
- Kelly Marie Venable-Turner '12

Responses were shared via the USM Alumni Facebook page and have been edited for length and clarity.

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