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A Message from Steve Hancock: Fall/Winter 2020-21

A Message from Steve Hancock: Fall/Winter 2020-21

Dear USM Families,

Our Common Trust continues to be a guiding light for University School of Milwaukee as I watch examples of respect, trust, honesty, fairness, and kindness lived out daily in our community. The grit, determination, and resilience that have been on display for the past 20 months in our school have inspired me and helped me understand how USM is truly a special place. We have bonded together to rise above challenges, and I appreciate the efforts of many to keep the culture and community in focus as we move forward.

I begin each day by welcoming our Lower School students to campus. I open the door, greet the child, and thank the parent. During these brief interactions, I witness the joy each student brings to school. They bound out of the car and race to the classroom, ready for adventure. Learning becomes a byproduct of engagement, and these young Wildcats are prepared for anything our teachers have planned. Both teachers and students are the models of resiliency. To watch the interaction between student and teacher is inspiring. I have the excellent opportunity to see the magic happen first-hand every day.

That magic extends throughout the school. One of my favorite parts of this inspiring profession is watching our students compete in sporting events, perform on the stage, and excel in the classroom. One consistent message I hear from students is that they love their school and are thankful for their relationships with teachers. When I talk to students about their experiences at USM, COVID-19 is never a topic. Instead, they want to tell me about their teachers and their lives in and around the classroom.

Currently, we are working on the upcoming strategic plan for USM. As committees work together to understand and design plans for our next chapter, we constantly keep the student experience in mind. We design as if the student is sitting in the committee meeting. We look at mission and vision with aspirational language to help our students realize tremendous success. We prepare students for a world in which they can be champions of our Common Trust.

I hope this issue of USM Today gives you some insight into all that is happening at our great school.

All the best,

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  • Head of School