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A Message from Steve Hancock: Spring/Summer 2021-22

A Message from Steve Hancock: Spring/Summer 2021-22

Dear USM Family,

The end of each school year provides an opportunity to celebrate the great achievements of both students and faculty. In this issue of “USM Today” we have much to celebrate. Students who have excelled in and outside of the classroom are featured throughout the magazine. Several teachers and leaders at USM have made the challenging (and exciting) decision to retire. We celebrate their collective centuries of service to the school they have called home for much of their adult life. I am certain their passion for students has touched the lives of generations of USM learners.

Also featured in this magazine is a story that is years in the making. Four years ago we photographed

and interviewed seven students—two of whom are lifers—when they entered Upper School as freshmen. We took new pictures and interviewed them earlier this spring, and it is amazing to witness their growth and how their aspirations have evolved. Every senior in our school has experienced enormous growth during the high school years. In mid-June, we launched 108 students—including a record 44 lifers—into the next exciting chapter of life. “USM Today” will, certainly, be filled with their future stories in the years ahead.

Our students are not the only ones who continue to grow and evolve. USM recently completed the formation of a new strategic design. The committee responsible for this work spent countless hours reviewing survey results from members of our community, attending meetings, leading listening sessions, and researching a variety of topics. I am very pleased with the end result that was voted into action by the Board of Trustees in May. Over the next few months, we will work to refine the document and publicly launch our new strategic plan with the beginning of the 2022–23 school year.

USM is grounded in 171 years of academic excellence. This strategic planning process, like the others that came before, will make us a stronger school. Building on our traditions, we will strive to ensure that every student can excel and thrive, and the USM experience will serve as the foundation of an education for a lifetime.

I can’t wait for USM’s next chapter to unfold.

All the best,

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  • Head of School