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Gaining a Global Mindset

Gaining a Global Mindset

March 7 was a day packed with colorful sights, sounds, and smells at the Global Enrichment Fest hosted by USM’s Parents’ Association. Nearly 30 countries, from Bangladesh to Venezuela, were represented, each with a brightly decorated booth and volunteers who answered questions and stamped visiting students’ “passports.” Guests also enjoyed performances from both student and professional dancers and musicians, and a sampling of foods from 15 countries. The annual event highlights a broad range of cultures and backgrounds, many of which are represented within USM’s own student body.

Students visit the Columbia booth at the Global Enrichment Festival

Parent volunteers Juliana Elejalde (far left) and Yovana Banda (far right) entertained classrooms with their bright and vibrant booth representing Columbia.

A student tries on a traditional cloth hat from Togo.

Volunteer Edovia Aku Nyadzi helped to dress Mischa Gokhman '32 in traditional garments of Togo in West Africa.

Students perform Tinikling, a popular Filipino folk dance.

Lyle Mondano '24 (left) and Elise Gozon '23 performed Tinikling, a popular, traditional Filipino folk dance.

Students watch a Taiko drumming performance.

Members of Milwaukee Taiko Group Hibiki performed a Japanese drum ensemble to promote interest in, and understanding of, Japanese culture through taiko drumming.

Students perform a ballet dance during the Global Enrichment Festival.

Members of the Upper School Dance Team (from left) Elizabeth Schoon '22, Sophie Zaba '22, and Mallory Wang '23 performed Danse des Demoiselles d'Honneur (Aurora's Friends) from "Sleeping Beauty."

Students practice Chinese lettering during the Global Enrichment Festival.

From left: Mysha Bello '33, Londyn Baumgart '33, and Hillary Dwamena '33 practiced Chinese lettering.

A group of students participate in a Bollywood-style Indiana dance.

Students dressed in vibrant attire while giving an Indiana Bollywood dance performance.

Global Enrichment Festival parent volunteers.

Sara Manning (left) and Renee Mondano, co-chairs of USM's Parents' Association global enrichment committee.


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