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A Message from Steve Hancock: Fall/Winter 2022-23

A Message from Steve Hancock: Fall/Winter 2022-23

University School of Milwaukee’s strategic plan continues to provide the vision and direction for our next chapter as a school. Chief among the components of our plan is the ideal of excellence. Our own brand of educational excellence must be at the forefront of all we endeavor to achieve as a school. As we continue to look deeply at our program and curriculum, we are constantly assessing and strengthening our commitment to students through the lessons we teach every day.

Yet, these words are empty without energetic, engaging, and inspiring teachers. Thankfully, USM has some of the best teachers on the planet. I am constantly in awe of their mastery of the material and their devotion to students. Our faculty is our greatest asset as a school. Nearly 150 current faculty members have given their lives in total commitment and dedication to the 1,142 students of USM.

In this issue, you will learn more about a few faculty members’ passion for the art of teaching. I wish we had the space to feature every teacher’s story about their passion for teaching and why they teach here at USM. I am encouraged and inspired when I hear these stories. We did want to celebrate every teacher in the school and chose to do so through the cover of this edition of USM Today. Every teacher is featured on the cover as the issues were randomly sent around the globe to our alums.

As a school, we are committed to the continuing education of our faculty. We send them to conferences, support graduate degree programs, encourage collaboration, and celebrate their accomplishments at national and international conventions. This year we have brought the learning to campus with a visiting artist, Atia Abawi. Atia has encouraged teachers to think in new and different ways. The results are inspiring to both students and faculty alike. You can learn more about Atia and her work throughout the school on page 18.

Opportunities to work at USM do not come around very often. But when they do, we are committed to finding the very best individuals to teach and coach our students. We are dedicated to finding diverse faculty to help our students see themselves in the teaching ranks and compensate our teachers well for their life-changing work.

Everyone can think of a teacher who made a difference in their life. I hope this magazine inspires you to find one of your former teachers and to thank them. There could be no greater gift.

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Steve Hancock
Head of School 

  • Head of School