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Why We Give

Why We Give

"I am honored to give back to a community that has done so much for my family. USM has provided for me in ways that cannot be reduced to dollars and cents, so contributing to the USM Fund is the most symbolic way I can share my gratitude."
Brad Dunning, Assistant Head of Middle School

"I give as a tangible way to show gratitude for the intangible gifts USM has given my whole family—gifts of knowledge, love, compassion, and community."
Tracy Huffman, Preschool and Middle School Music Teacher

"I feel so fortunate to have been able to work here for nearly 25 years and have my children attend USM. I have worked with many amazing colleagues, and my children were taught by wonderful teachers."
Patti Ptak, 2nd Grade Teacher

"USM has given our children opportunities to thrive, and I’m grateful to work in this vibrant community. Giving back to USM is an important way to show our gratitude."
Charlie Housiaux '02, Dean of Students

"USM is my school for life and has helped shape me into the lifelong learner, leader, and service-minded citizen that I am today. The tenets of the Common Trust closely coincide with my family’s values, and my wife and I are blessed to have our children attend USM."
Will Piper '96, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Reunion Giving

"For the past 32 years, USM has been my home. It has given our children the best education we could have asked for, and prepared them for their careers. I am forever grateful for all the opportunities."
Sue Baker, Upper School Physical Education Teacher

"I contribute to the USM Fund because it’s money well spent."
Judy Clegg, Preschool and Lower School Librarian

"My wife and I love being a part of the USM family. I love being on the front lines as a teacher helping students become the best versions of themselves. Our giving is a reflection of the gratitude that we feel and the expectation that USM will continue to usher in the next generation."
Jeff Ballentine, Middle School Spanish Teacher

"USM has been “home” for me for 25 years. It’s where I work, socialize, attend sporting events and arts performances, and grow as a person. Having a daughter attend for 15 years made it even more a home! I have gratitude, so I want to help out where I can."
Stephen Bloch, Upper School Academic Resource Center Teacher

"I feel like I owe so much to USM for being such an important part of my upbringing, my culture, and my identity. I can’t imagine not being a part of the USM community, and I believe in the future of the school. I give back in any way that I can, including through my contribution to the USM Fund."
Lisl Gapinski '92, Junior Kindergarten Assistant Teacher 

"I give to USM because I see firsthand the benefits of the USM experience. As an employee and a parent I have seen tremendous growth in both the student athletes I work with, and in my own children. I couldn’t be happier to be supporting USM’s mission."
Tim Williams, Director of Athletics

"I give because the USM community is a vibrant, supportive community that I feel privileged to be a part of. There are so many ways this community enriches my life, and supporting it financially is a small way to give back to the people and place that give my family so much."
Susan Zarwell '87, Director of College Guidance

"I donate to the USM Fund because USM is an outstanding school and workplace. I love having the opportunity to help and to give back."
Jackie Mitchell, Advancement Associate

"My children are fortunate to be the third generation of our family to attend USM. My husband and I contribute to the USM Fund to preserve and grow the educational opportunities for our children and their classmates at school. In addition, we give to help to provide USM with financial stability to educate the next generation and beyond."
Kate Dengel, Prekindergarten Assistant Teacher

"USM is a wonderful community and my husband and I are grateful to be a part of it. We are happy to give back through our support of the USM Fund."
Kathleen Roebber, Head School Nurse

"I donate to the USM Fund because I am still amazed at what our students and the school accomplish. Not many places have so many employees with tenures of 20 years or longer; and I say that as one of those employees. I am in awe at times of my colleagues and what each of them has done, and still do, and by donating I feel that I am helping them."
Jennifer Iorio, Accounts Payable Manager

"I give to USM to support the development of our students in spirit, mind, and body so when they leave here they will go out and help the world become a better place. It is an honor to be a teacher and a supporter at USM."
Don Forti, Middle School and Upper School Physical Education Teacher

"I give to the USM Fund to support my colleagues who are always doing their best for the students and their families. We all work so hard to make the USM experience the best it can be for our community, and giving is one more way that we can all support one another."
Muffie Mackedon Browne, Prekindergarten Teacher

"We are all members of the USM community, and the USM Fund is one small way to do my part in supporting our school and our mission. USM gives so much to me as a teacher, so it is important that I give back!"
Chuck Taft, 8th Grade American Studies History Teacher 

USM’s faculty and staff members have their reasons for giving. What’s Yours?

On behalf of all faculty, staff, and students at USM, we are grateful to those who have supported the USM Fund this school year. Your gift impacts every area of life at USM—tuition assistance, technology, athletics, arts, and facilities maintenance, to name a few. Visit the website to learn more.

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