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A Feast for the Eyes

A Feast for the Eyes

The annual Gallery Night event, which is school-wide celebration of the visual arts, was a huge success. The event featured artwork from students in junior kindergarten through 12th grade, the 6th grade Comic-Con Alley, and food trucks. Guests were also invited to explore all three divisions and stop at various stations to participate in a variety of hands-on workshops. Many thanks to the school’s visual arts faculty for their hard work to organize and coordinate the event: Sarah Markwald, Jessica Michels, Priscilla Woods, and Andrea Worthey, as well as the many parent volunteers who assisted.

As an added component to Gallery Night, USM’s Parents’ Association partnered with school parent and artist Christopher Barksdale (pictured below) on a unique school fundraiser. Barksdale worked with every class in Preschool and Lower School to create a group painting inspired by a famous work of art. Parents were then able to bid on the class piece, or purchase a reproduction of it through Square1. “The idea was for the project to be a community builder,” said Barksdale. “It’s something that the students worked on collectively, and the parents could then enjoy the finished project.”

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Families create artwork in the dining room during Gallery Night.
A student poses in a Trojan warrior costume during Gallery Night.
Guests view artwork in the art gallery during Gallery Night.
A display of ceramic artwork during Gallery Night.
Students smile for a photo while making art during Gallery Night.
A student delivers a monologue at Comicon Alley during Gallery Night.
An Upper School student paints a rainbow on a Lower School students face during Gallery Night.
Christopher Barksdale helps Preschool students create artwork for a Gallery Night auction.
Student-painted renditions of the Mona Lisa on display during Gallery Night.
Students create artwork inspired by famous paintings for Gallery Night.