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A Look Back: Spring/Summer 2022-23

A Look Back: Spring/Summer 2022-23

Celebrating Mrs. Mackie

Former students, parents, and colleagues share their favorite memories of Margaret "Muffie" MacKedon Browne, who has retired after 40 years of teaching prekindergarten at USM.

Mrs. MacKie looking at flowers with her prekindergarten students.

"I attribute my love for school to the memories I made in PK109. It was an honor for my family to have both children start their education in your classroom, and for you to still be considered our favorite teacher 20 years later!"
Taylor Owens '18

"Mrs. MacKie is one of my favorite teachers I have ever had! She is incredibly caring and got my entire USM experience off on the right foot. I am so excited to see where this next phase takes her!"
Stephanie Guy '20

"We have two lifers and continue to believe that our very best investment in their education was PK at USM with Mrs. MacKie. We are so grateful for the beautiful ways you made learning come alive and made days happy, wholesome, and enriching for our kids."
Kristie Jochmann

"We're grateful for all the Muffie-isms that our family still uses: 'echo echo same same', 'cozy body rest', and 'no thank you for that'. Not to mention her epic and brilliant parent emails that you BETTER read! There is no one like her. Thank you, Muffie!"
Brigid Miller

"My favorite memories of Mrs. MacKie are the looks of sheer joy and happiness on my kids' faces when they were in her classroom. They would just light up when they told me about what they did in PK109 and how silly Mrs. MacKie was. I am so grateful to have had Mrs. MacKie as my PK teacher and now friend, and so thankful that my children had her as well. We love you, Mrs. MacKie!"
Katie Campbell '01

"The first time I visited campus I was escorted to Mrs. MacKie's classroom. She floated to the door to greet me as students were actively engaged around the classroom. Her energy was contagious and I wondered if it was a show. I quickly learned that energy, enthusiasm, and love were always on display in Mrs. MacKie's classroom. No act here—just a genuine, loving, thoughtful teacher who helps children grow every day. What a gift she has been to USM."
Steve Hancock

"One of our favorite memories is from the end-of-the-year Doctor's Park picnic when, after a rousing rendition of "PK Rocks," the whole class ambushed Mrs. MacKie with a much-deserved tackle hug. It was clear how much those kiddos LOVE her, and we will always remember that special moment."
Kelly Stevenson

"It was not until my son had Mrs. MacKie in PK109 that I truly appreciated what an incredible teacher she is. She and Ms. Miller helped him build confidence and interact with his friends and the world around him. More than that, she taught me and my wife how to be better parents. We are so grateful for her care, guidance, and friendship."
Andy Gordon '98

"I remember sitting on the carpet while Mrs. MacKie read to the class. She was so sweet and kind, and playing with blocks in her room was also a highlight. She was my first and favorite teacher and I am forever grateful I was lucky enough to be in her class!"
Merrill Read '15

Submissions have been edited for length and clarity. Read more about MacKedon Browne, and other retirees.

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