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Celebrating Water Through Dance

Celebrating Water Through Dance

Third and 4th grade students closed out an uplifting Lower School concert season with “WATER,” a dance concert centered around the theme of water. A total of 138 students shined in their own choreography for 13 dances, and were directed by Sasha Deveaux, Lower School dance teacher, in two grade-level finales. Third grade students performed an Afrobeat dance with vibrant costumes, as well as “Water” from “The Lion King,” while 4th grade students performed a contemporary dance personifying the relationship of a moon rising over water. A live, lyrical dance and choral rendition of “Down to the River to Pray,” conducted by Katie Brister, Lower School music teacher, opened the show.

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Lower School students in flowing white dresses perform during a dance recital.
Lower School students pass a large ball to one another during a dance recital.
Students dance around the stage with giant balls and glow-in-the-dark t-shirts.
Lower School students wave ribbons during a dance recital.
Lower School students strike a pose while making a human tower during a dance recital.