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Open for Business

Open for Business

It's never too early to gain an entrepreneurial mindset, as kindergarten students learn each spring when they form a class business. It's part of the annual economics unit, in which students research existing businesses and learn about key economics terms like needs, wants, goods, and services. Each class then creates a list of potential businesses and votes on which one to pursue. After weeks of preparation, students invite other classes, faculty and staff, and families to visit and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

  • On Campus
Kindergarten students perform in a classroom talent show.

Michelle Troskey and Jessica Iverson's students held a variety show that included comedy, dancing, singing, ball tricks, and more.

Kindergarten students welcome guests to their classroom hot chocolate shop.

March was the perfect month to open a hot chocolate business, as students in Stacy Peterson and Lisa Anderson's class learned.

Kindergarten students serve ice cream sundaes in their classroom business.

Otter's Ice Cream shop was a hit. Here, visitors to Amanda Tachis and Prudy Canfield's class looked at menus before ordering.

Kindergarten students welcome guests to their classroom art supply shop.

Students in Andrea Burlew '93 and Cynthia Stott's class created an art store, with hand-made bookmarks, keychains, painted rocks, and more.