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Our Common Trust Defined

Our Common Trust Defined

Every University School of Milwaukee student, faculty, and staff member, along with alumni and parents of alumni from the past several decades, is familiar with the school’s Common Trust and its five core values, which help guide behavior among members of the USM community. However, while surveys showed that these values resonate strongly, it was also clear that there was an opportunity to clarify the Common Trust values and leverage them in practice to bring our community together. Now, thanks to a faculty and staff working group charged with this task, each of the values has been formally defined to ensure a shared understanding among all members of the USM community—both in concept and in practice—as we continue our work to align all school policies, pedagogy, and practices with these values.

We, the members of the University School of Milwaukee community, commit to and practice the Common Trust. We agree to relate to one another with respect, trust, honesty, fairness, and kindness.

Respect: Acceptance and appreciation of each person's dignity

Trust: Shared responsibility to act with integrity

Honesty: Truthfulness in what we say and do

Fairness: Balanced and thoughtful treatment of each individual

Kindness: Caring actions and words for others

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