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Meet USM's Newest Leaders

Meet USM's Newest Leaders

In November 2023 we sat down with the school’s newest administrators who lead in a variety of areas and roles on campus. Some of them are brand new to USM; others have long tenures here. While they come from different backgrounds with different strengths, experiences, motivations, and ideas, all share a common goal: to support the school’s mission of cultivating excellence in learning, leadership, and citizenship.

What excites you the most about your new role?

Brooke Tevlin, director of College Guidance, at USM since 2015: I’m excited to refine our junior and senior seminars, where I envision implementing a small-group learning approach. Beyond academic gains, this approach fosters a sense of belonging, bolsters self-efficacy, and instills personal intrinsic value in our students.

Weston Outlaw, chief financial officer, started in June 2023: I’m thrilled to contribute to USM what I love most—finance—while collaborating with an incredible group of people.

Susan Zarwell ’87, assistant head of Upper School, at USM since 1998: For so long at USM, I’ve been the public face of college systems I don’t control and whose changes I don’t think are student-centered. It’s nice to be the public face for systems I can help influence to remain student-centered.

Claudia Fritz, director of Enrollment Management, at USM since 2008: Two things—I’m excited about the work my team is doing to tell the USM story, and I’m excited about USM’s leadership team. I know I am in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

Shanee McCoy, director of inclusion, started in July 2023: Every day at USM is an opportunity for me to contribute to creating and deepening our sense of belonging. This is what makes my day.

What has surprised you most about USM?

WO: I’ve been delightfully surprised by how everyone is so welcoming and open. There is a genuine eagerness to connect and build lasting relationships.

SM: I was surprised by how large the campus is. Between the various buildings and the outdoor spaces for sports and outdoor education, it’s a lot to take in and it’s all very beautiful.

What excites you the most about USM?

BT: From innovative, caring and outstanding teachers, impactful administrators, motivated students, excellent facilities, and funding for student programming and professional development, it doesn’t get any better. To top it off, this is a community that cares, and I see that caring in action every single day I go to work.

SZ: Honestly, it’s our mission. After nearly 30 years as an educator, I know that the foundation of truly transformative education comes from knowing, valuing, and engaging students. My colleagues are committed to that mission, and our school parents are, too.

SM: I’m excited about USM’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. We want to create learners, leaders, and citizens so we must expose them to a wide range of different experiences and perspectives to develop well-rounded people who are the future of our world.

What are some of the school’s biggest strengths?

CF: I could speak for days about the school’s strengths, but it’s pretty clear to me what rises to the top: Every child at USM is known and valued for their effort and accomplishments in the classroom and community.

SZ: Our Common Trust. I am grateful that the school is centering itself on this core philosophy. By practicing respect, trust, honesty, fairness, and kindness, we also protect these values. What is any community but a group of people who share beliefs and practices?

What is your leadership philosophy?

SZ: See above!

BT: I’ll never ask someone to do something I haven’t done myself. I bring a growth mindset to everything I do knowing that college guidance is both an art and a science, and what is most important is listening.

WO: My philosophy is to nurture and strengthen our school by uplifting others. Through a synergy of hard work, teamwork, and strategic thinking, and thorough research, meticulous planning, decisive action, and reflective review, my aim is to propel us toward our shared vision of excellence.

CF: I believe in leading with openness and inclusion, valuing every team member’s voice. Consistent communication is the heartbeat of our collaboration, and we work together to foster an environment where ideas flow freely. My mission is to not just lead the team, but to empower each member to be their best.

SM: I try to lead with curiosity, compassion, character, and competence. I like to make data-informed decisions based on integrity and ethical processes.

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New USM leadership team members share a laugh during a meeting.

From left: Brooke Tevlin, Claudia Fritz, and Weston Outlaw.

New USM leadership team members share a laugh during a meeting.

Shanee McCoy (left) and Susan Zarwell '87