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We encourage you to connect with current USM parents to learn about their experiences at our school. Ask questions, make connections, and learn what makes USM an exceptional learning environment and community.

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The Polston Family

The Polston Family

Colleen, Tony, Michael '23, Edie '25, Ainsley '28, and James '33

Family resides in:

Hockey, drama, cross country, lacrosse

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The Lazzaro Family

The Lazzaro Family

Marc, Sri, Nikhil '26, Jayin '28, and Rayna '31

Family resides in:
Whitefish Bay

Soccer, flag football, Winter Club hockey, violin, percussion

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The Borg Family

The Borg Family

Peter, Shar, Lizzie '20, and Micah '22

Family resides in:

Track and field, basketball, robotics, REDgen, Black student union, theatre, Wildcat news, scholastic arts

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The Hartjes Family

The Hartjes Family

Troy, Maureen, Henry '19, Harrison, 21, and Mya '23

Family resides in:

Football, basketball, baseball, cross country, track and field, soccer, trident, school board

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The Kohli Family

The Kohli Family

Joe, Jill, Cate '27, Caroline '28, and Alex '32

Family resides in:
River Hills

Basketball and cross country

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