Middle School Athletics

Middle School Wildcats Athletic Program

At University School of Milwaukee, we offer both interscholastic and intramural offerings for Middle School students in 5th through 8th grades. Intramural sports meet after school one to two days a week. The goal of intramurals is for students to have fun, make new friends, develop team skills, and get some exercise. Students in intramural sports compete against their peers at USM in a more relaxed, recreational setting.

Interscholastic sports are introduced to students for the first time in Middle School. Interscholastic sports practice several days a week and have games after school and on weekends. The goals for the interscholastic athletics program are to meet the needs of the students for strenuous physical activity, as well as to help them develop a sense of team play and good sportsmanship. At this level, participation, rather than winning, is our policy. All students will have the opportunity to participate and play on a team; however, playing time may not always be equal in tournament play.

Fall Sports

5th-8th Grade Co-ed Cross Country 
5th-6th Grade Co-ed Flag Football
7th-8th Grade Football
5th-8th Grade Co-ed Golf 
7th-8th Grade Girls Volleyball
7th-8th Grade Girls Field Hockey 
7th-8th Grade Co-ed Soccer

Winter Sports

5th Grade Boys Basketball 
6th Grade Boys Basketball 
7th Grade Boys Basketball 
8th Grade Boys Basketball 
5th Grade Girls Basketball 
6th Grade Girls Basketball 
7th Grade Girls Basketball 
8th Grade Girls Basketball 
Intramural Basketball

Spring Sports

7th-8th Grade Girls Lacrosse
7th-8th Grade Boys Lacrosse
7th-8th Grade Co-ed Tennis 
5th-8th Grade Co-ed Track & Field 
Intramural Kickball