COVID-19 Information

USM COVID-19 Information

University School of Milwaukee's leadership team, along with Kathleen Roebber, head school nurse, are in charge of managing the school's COVID-19 protocols. The health and safety of the entire USM community is the primary driver in all decision making. This team, along with the school's medical advisors, regularly review and discuss ongoing guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Wisconsin's Department of Health Services (DHS), and our local health departments.

On-campus COVID-19 Testing

The USM testing site, which has been open since 2020 and managed by our partner, Novir, permanently closed on March 17, 2023. USM has a large supply of COVID-19 at-home antibody testing kits that are available upon request to students and their families, faculty, and staff. Individuals can stop at the USM Nurse Clinic or email

Any test results—whether from at-home tests or other testing service providers—should continue to be sent to the USM Nurse Clinic via email at

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