Gifts to our Endowment are particularly valuable because they are invested for the long-term, creating a permanent source of funding for ongoing priorities, such as financial aid, faculty and staff support, and facilities maintenance. Only a portion of the income earned annually is used to support these priorities. The balance of the earning is channeled back into the Fund, so that the endowment continues to grow over time.

A carefully managed endowment is an integral part of a well-established and successful school. We are grateful to our generous donors who, over the years, have supported USM through their Endowment gifts. They have ensured USM's tradition of excellence for generations to come.

An endowment fund can be a one-time, one-person arrangement or it can be an ongoing arrangement to which many people contribute.

Named Endowed Funds

A Named Endowed Fund that supports the priorities of University School may be funded with a minimum gift of $50,000. Additionally, the Board of Trustees may elect to name an endowed fund after a particular individual as a means of recognizing outstanding service to the school, if those funds are already in place.

If you would like more information regarding endowed funds, please contact Maria Stone, Director of Development and Donor Relations at 414.540.3331 or mstone@usm.org.

We are grateful to those in the University School community who have established either through outright contributions or through deferred gifts endowed funds in support of our students, faculty, staff, and programs. What follows is a listing of donor named funds within USM’s Endowment Fund.

A named fund may be established with a minimum commitment of $50,000 fulfilled over a three-five year period Working with the USM Advancement Office, alumni, parents, and friends can establish a named fund that reflects their personal interests, while supporting the priorities of the School.

2020-21 Endowment Fund Report

University School of Milwaukee’s endowment is an essential investment in the school’s ability to maintain its leading edge as a nationally ranked independent school. From academics to athletics, and arts to innovation, life at USM is rich with activities as diverse as our student population. These valuable activities require funding to support the people and programs that contribute to the attainment of the school’s annual objectives. The school’s endowment, originating with the predecessor schools and growing in value over time thanks to donor contributions and market growth, provides a significant portion of this funding annually. USM is grateful for all donors who have supported the endowment over the years, including the over 40 Our Common Bond investors who designated their gifts to this campaign priority, thus helping to increase the impact of the endowment now and in perpetuity. 

As of June 30, 2021, USM’s endowment is valued over $100 million and consists of a combination of general endowment as well as nearly 100 named, endowed funds (listed on the adjacent page) established by USM donors to directly support school priorities. In keeping with our long-standing endowment policy, 5% of the average fund value of the trailing eight quarters is distributed to the fund’s designated program, or in the case of general endowment, to all aspects of the school’s core mission. In this manner, the endowment inspires our community members to invest in an area of school life that is meaningful to them and their families while helping USM educate students as learners, leaders, and citizens for lives of purpose. Additionally, since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the endowment has helped USM implement strategic and mission-focused solutions to key situations, allowing the school to maintain its commitment to excellence in education for our 1,132 students. 

For independent schools like USM, endowment is the differentiator between sustaining and thriving. The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) has established a guideline that independent schools should aim to achieve an endowment valued at three times their annual budget in order to be a successful school into the next decade. At USM we take this very seriously as we are approaching, but have not yet achieved, this level. 

USM’s Endowment Board is led by President Tom Florsheim ’76 and is comprised of former members of the Board of Trustees. The endowment is managed by CommonFund, a nonprofit investment management firm that serves over 2,000 independent schools, universities, and nonprofit organizations. The school’s endowment policy follows a long-term investment strategy, calling for a 75/25 equity-to-fixed income ratio with meaningful international exposure and a careful commitment to alternative investments such as private equity. The thoughtful generosity of our donors allows the endowment to continue supporting our students and school of today and the future.

2020-21 Endowment Board

Thomas W. Florsheim Jr. '76

C. Frederick Geilfuss II '71

James D. Bell MUS'58
David J. Lubar
Linda Mellowes
Alice E. Read '72
Ann Reinke
Frederick P. Stratton Jr. MCDS'57
William A. Wernecke Jr.

Ex Officio
Steve Hancock, Head of School
Stephen B. Guy, Board of Trustees President

Trustee Emeritus
Geoffrey G. Maclay Sr.*


University School of Milwaukee is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; USM’s tax ID #39-6076442.