Heritage Society

The Heritage Society, formed in 1991, recognizes members of our school community who have informed University School of Milwaukee of their future support through a planned gift. Members of the Heritage Society have thoughtfully designated USM as a recipient of a gift in their wills or living trusts, as a beneficiary of a retirement fund or life insurance policy, or as the beneficiary of another type of planned gift.

Members of our Heritage Society have the satisfaction of knowing their gifts will help perpetuate the academic excellence that is the long tradition of USM and its predecessor schools – Milwaukee Country Day School, Milwaukee Downer Seminary, and Milwaukee University School. Through their caring and generous support, they help provide future USM students with an education that is truly “The Experience for a Lifetime.” Heritage Society members, unless they request anonymity, are recognized in the USM Annual Report of Giving and other school publications. All members also receive special invitations to school events and activities.

We are deeply grateful to our alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends who have already included our school in their estate plans. If you have designated USM as such a beneficiary, but have not yet joined the Heritage Society, we invite you to become a member. Please contact Patrick Tevlin, chief advancement officer, to learn more about planned giving and the Heritage Society.

Heritage Society Members

Anonymous Members
Marc Ackerman MCDS’63
Dorothy Aring
Franz Backus MCDS’61
The Burton Bartlett Family ’74 & ’78
Diann and Tom Baumann ’72
Kristin Bayer & Alan Paul Price
Mary Bechmann ʼ75
Robinson Bosworth III MCDS’59
T. Thompson Bosworth ’71
Alexandra Bowers ’65
Marcia Carman Bowlus MUS’49
Warren C. Bowlus MUS’48
Al Buettner ʼ66
Mary Jane Bumby MDS’48
Ben S. Cannon Jr. MUS’58
Carol A. Carpenter MDS’57
Angela and Virgis Colbert
Samantha Becker Crownover ’87
George W. Cushman MCDS’50
Jen and Mike Darrow ʼ86
Gordon C. Davidson MCDS’45
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Q. Eschweiler MUS’50
Tom ʼ76 and Jennifer Florsheim
Alan Glen MUS’44
G. Daniel Grunau ’86
Karen and Stephen Guy
Lucille Voigt Heard MDS’44
P.J. Younglove Hovey MUS’63
Trudie Viall Kloppenburg MDS’50
James R. Kolster MUS’54
Todd and Elizabeth Gallun Krieg ʼ79

John C. Ladky ʼ70
Pat Laing
Barbara Brown Lee MDS’58
Naomi Bernhard Levinson MDS’52
Linda C. Loving ’66
George L. Mayer MCDS’62
Elizabeth Kaatz Mooney MUS’44
Mary and Scott Morey
Vanessa and Andrew Nerbun
Mrs. Charles W. Parker Jr.
Wendy and Andrew Petzold, Aaron ʼ16, Grace ʼ19
Margo Peyton ’07
Barbara Dreazy Ramp ’78
Alicia Strohl Resnicoff ʼ82
Marina and John Rosenberg ’79
Diana Denholm Sammond
Mac I. Sawyer MUS’58
Shelly and Dick Seesel
Melissa and Michael Sheppard
Pauline Clarenbach Shook MUS’53
Susan and Michael Smith
Kipp K. Stevens ’69
Anne and Fred Stratton MCDS’57
Robert L. Teweles and Karen J. Dandurand
Suzy Falk Thompson MUS’56
Michele Vogel ʾ74
Brooke Berger Walker MUS’59
Robert O. Walker MUS’59
Peter A. Wallner
Susan Graham Wernecke and William A. Wernecke Jr.
Karin and Teddy Werner
Ben and Susan Bell Zarwell ’87 & ’87

University School of Milwaukee is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; USM’s tax ID #39-6076442.